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Illustrations by the Artist

I've been drawing longer than I've been making pottery, but it's always been a hobby. A lot of these are for Dungeons & Dragons campaigns or modules I've participated in or worked on. I have a campaign setting and adventure module called Dark Skies Ahead I've been working on for some time now that I might someday publicly release, and it will be lavishly illustrated.

Compo Metalbender Grimgirdle Darknails: A gnomish wizard and artificer who has made a career digging holes in interesting places (from Dark Skies Ahead)

The last member of an exterminated tribe of fae looks around in horror in the aftermath

All Gone: Campaign art from Dark Skies Ahead. No spoilers!

Surly Shurley and Mendy Wendy: The Thistleback twins, halfling sisters who create and clean up messes, respectively. (from Dark Skies Ahead)

Astralagus Jenkins:A helpful healer NPC that players tend to use as dungeon bait (from Dark Skies Ahead)

Argh: A lone kobold, separated from her last remaining friend (from Dark Skies Ahead).
A boy in a straw hat holds a fish and rod with a haunted expression on his face
Sharktooth: An NPC from one of the campaign modules available through Spencer Crittenden's Patreon.

The Big Copper: Fanart from a character in the D&D campaign on That Happens, which you can watch live on Schrab Home Video Sunday nights.

Jeri Boltcutter Airgap: A wandering Kender/Gnome bard from Dark Skies Ahead.
A monk has ghostly arms paround her
Rasha Ghostbridge: An NPC from one of the campaign modules available through Spencer Crittenden's Patreon.

Solanalarasilius Al'Schredderazzad: A gold dragon/high elf planeswalker who is very sensitive about people mispronouncing or truncating her name from Dark Skies Ahead.
Two kobold girls nervously appraise the viewer. One holds a boomerang and various inventions, the other holds a staff
Skrok and Argh: A kobold inventor and sorcerer from Dark Skies Ahead.

Stirfry: From Rude Tales of Magic, possibly the funniest ttrpg podcast out there. Gosh, it's good.

Miss Webster & Co.: An old spiderfolk woman with her fellow refugees--a pair of kobolds and faerie dragons. From Dark Skies Ahead.

Zahvak: A mysterious "cyclops" with god-like powers from Dark Skies Ahead.

When Things Go Wrong: The neat thing about D&D is that there are no "bad" outcomes, just...really, really different.


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