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Oil Painting Gallery

I wish I had more time to paint. You can see what I have up for sale on Etsy here.
Some of these have already sold, but if you're interested in something on this page that isn't listed on Etsy, email me to see if it's still available and shipment! If nothing else, it will make me feel appreciated.

Couch and the Kids
A scene from Dark Skies Ahead: a red dragon keeps an eye on a group of kids playing in the surf.

A little scene from a liminal space on the road to nowhere.

Down the River
Cruising along at sunrise.

Cabin on the Lake
A dragon lists lazily on the last of the warm air coming off the lake to shake off the first snow of winter.

Long Walk Home
Quite a ways to go, but no rush.

Storm's a Comin'
A peaceful scene before the downpour.

Cold Snow, Warm Sky
The sun on your face is warm despite the crunching of frozen water beneath your feet

Clouds Roll through the Valley
The sky seems to topple in on itself over a foggy river.

Bend in the Road
Shade in the path ahead.

Pacific Scene
A peninsula that becomes an island when the tide comes in, Oregon coast.

Slick Swamps and Fluffy Clouds
Walking into the sunset as it turns colors and fades into the past.

Rolling Road
The path along the oceanside lined with off-kilter buildings trying to conform to the countryside hills.

Bass Harbor Lighthouse
One of those scenes that's a cliche to paint or photograph for a good reason--it's beautiful. Acadia.

NGC-1265 Galaxyrise
A top-down view of a galaxy from a rogue planet. Watch out for gamma rays.

Ocean Man
The clouds open up and the sky speaks.

Window to the West
A scene from Big Bend National Park after a rare rain.

Back Roads in Maine
A scene from a local farm.

Mount Katahdin in the distance at a Maine camp.

The Golden Path
As I walked along...

Endless Possibilities
The road to everywhere stretches out before you...where does it lead?

The Dead Colossus
You smell it before you see it, and then the skeleton stretching over the mountains resting on its massive sword comes into view...

Autumn Crashes In
Shadows and winds align in an empty field.

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