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2024 Show Schedule

Find Brambledragon Pottery at:

Waterfall Arts Market in Belfast, Maine: Every Friday during the warm months, 9 AM - 1 PM, June through September. A lovely venue right on the ocean populated by amazing, friendly artists, as well as local produce! I usually do the holiday popup market at Waterfall Arts as well.

Belfast Maine Celtic Celebration: July 19th - 21st right on the ocean spanning the Belfast Steamboat Landing a'nd Common. A Celtic-themed fair with food, performances, and music late into the night.

Belfast Arts in the Park: June 29th - 30th. I'm honored to be included for the first time in this renowned, respected event, which features over 100 juried local artists and artisans in the Steamboat Landing on the ocean’s edge, with live music, a harbor-walk, and a summer breeze to enjoy. Includes activities like Printmaking in the Waterfall Arts tent.

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